Thus Did The Pious Abrahm Abraham Pray

Thus did pious Abraham pray
For his beloved son:
Let parents in the present day
His language make their own.

Tho’ they with God in cov’nant be,
And have their heav’n in view;
They are unhappy till they see
Their children happy too.

They warn, indulge, correct, beseech,
While tears in torrents flow;
And ’tis beyond the pow’r of speech
To tell the griefs they know.

See the fond father clasp his child;
Hark! how his bowels move:
“Shalt thou, my offspring, be exil’d
From God my Father’s love?

Shall cruel spirits drag thee down
To darkness and despair;
Beneath th’Almighty’s angry frown,
To dwell for ever there?

Kind heaven, the dreadful scene forbid!
Look down, dear Lord, and bless;
I’ll wrestle hard, as Jacob did–
May I obtain success?”