Thus Said God Unto My Lord

Thus said GOD, unto my LORD<
“Sit in State, at my right Hand:
“Till I make thy daring Foes
“Subject unto thy Command.

Thou, from Sion, shalt extend
O’er thy Foes a gen’ral Sway;
Nations shall thy Pow’r behold,
And with Free-Will Off’rings pay.

They, to worship thee, shall come,
When thy rising Beams they view;
full as numberless and bright,
As the Drops of Morning-Dew.

GOD hath sworn, nor sworn in vain,
Thou a Priest shalt ever be;
Like Melchisedech’s, thy Reign
Shall no Change or Period see.

He shall sit at thy Right Hand,
For thee, Kings in Anger wound;
Heathen Nations he shall judge,
And their Bodies scatter round.

After drinking of the Brook,
Which he crosses in his Way;
He shall lift his Head on high,
And his glorious Pow’r display.