Thus Saith The Lord Your Master Dear

Thus saith the Lord your master dear,
O ye his servants whom he sends
To preach his gospel far and near,
E’en to the world’s remotest end.

Go forth ye heralds in my name,
“Sweetly the gospel trumpet sound;
The glorious jubilee proclaim,
Where’er the human race is found;

“Convince a world of sinners blind,
And show them where their danger lies;
The broken hearted careful bind,
And wipe the tears from weeping eyes.

“Be wise as serpents where you go,
Yet harmless as the peaceful dove;
And let your whole deportment show,
That you’re commissioned from above.

“And as you freely have received,
E’en so to others freely give;
So shall your message be believed,
And many dying sinners live.”

“Master, thy word we have obeyed,”
(Said Christ’s sweet messengers of peace)
“And lo, the devils are dismayed,
Trembling they flee before our face.”

Oh! if I had an angel’s voice,
And could be heard from pole to pole,
I would to all the listening world,
Proclaim thy goodness to my soul.

O happy servants of the Lord,
Who thus their master’s will obey;
Immensely great is the reward,
They shall receive another day.

Divine Hymns, or Spiritual Songs: for the use of religious assemblies and private Christians