Thus Spake The Savior When He Sent

Thus spake the Savior, when he sent
His ministers to preach his word;
They through the world obedient went,
And spread the gospel of their Lord.

“Go forth, ye heralds, in my name;
Bid the whole earth my grace receive;
The gospel jubilee proclaim,
And call them to repent and live.

“The joyful news to all impart,
And teach them where salvation lies;
Bind up the broken, bleeding heart,
And wipe the tear from weeping eyes.

“Be wise as serpents where you go,
But harmless as the peaceful dove;
And let your heav’n-taught conduct show,
That you’re commission’d from above.

“Freely from me ye have receiv’d;
Freely in love to others give;
Thus shall your doctrines be believ’d,
And by your labor sinners live.”

Happy those servants of the Lord,
Who thus their Master’s will obey!
How rich, how full is their reward,
Reserv’d until the final day!