Thus Speaks The High And Lofty One

Thus speaks the high and lofty One;
ye tribes of earth, give ear;
The words of your Almighty King
with sacred rev’rence hear:

Amidst the majesty of heav’n
my throne is fixed on high;
And through eternity I hear
the praises of the sky:

Yet, looking down, I visit oft
the humble hallowed cell;
And with the penitent who mourn
’tis my delight to dwell;

The downcast spirit to revive,
the sad in soul to cheer;
And from the bed of dust the man
of heart contrite to rear.

With me dwells no relentless wrath
against the human race;
The souls which I have formed shall find
a refuge in my grace.

Scottish Psalter and Paraphrases