Thus To Our Christ The Lord Jehovah Said

Thus to our Christ the Lord Jehovah said;
(Shook as he spoke th’ etherial worlds with dread);
“At my right hand, my best-beloved, fit,
“Till all thine enemies shall kiss thy feet.
“From Sion’s hill to earth’s extremest shore,
“The rod I’ll send, the emblem of thy pow’r;
“That ‘mid the nations thou may’st hold the sway,
“And thy rebellious foes thy rule obey.
“In joyous pomp, when thou shalt back return,
“And conquest’s splendid meed thy head adorn;
“The people shall attend with loud acclaim,
“Shall celebrate thy deeds, and hail thy name;
“Thick as the spangles on the dewy plain,
“Shall swarm the nations,, and assert thy reign.
“By his dread self th’ almighty Godhead swore;
“(And ne’er shalt thou his broken oath deplore)
“That thou the royal priesthood long shalt share,
“And great Melchizedek’s high office bear;
“Long as shall beam the sun his glad’ning light;
“Long as the waining moon illumes the night.
“At thy right-hand shall ever stand the Lord,
“And strike fell tyrants with his flaming sword;
“The impious nations all shall feel his wrath,
“He dooms their proud rebellious chiefs to death;
“As he pursues, the riv’let in his way
“Offers it’s stream, his f iery thirst t’ allay;
“Then crown’d with conquest, strait he lifts on high
“His glorious head, and emulates the sky.