Thus Will Say The Lords Redeemed

Give thanks, give thanks to the Lord;
God’s love is everlasting.

Thus will say the Lord’s redeemed,
those redeemed from the hand of the foe
and gathered from far off lands,
from east and west, north and south. [Response]

They wandered for years in the desert,
no dwelling place could they find,
they were hungry and craving with thirst,
their soul was fainting with in them. [Response]

Some sailed to the sea in ships
to trade on the mighty waters.
These men have seen the Lord’s deeds,
the wonders God does in the deep. [Response]

God spoke and commanded the storm,
tossing the waves of the sea;
to the heavens they rose and fell back.
Their courage gave way in distress. [Response]

When they cried to the Lord in their need,
God rescued them from their distress;
God stilled the storm to a whisper;
all the waves of the sea were hushed. [Response]

They rejoiced because of the calm,
God led them to a safe haven.
Let them thank the Lord for such love,
the wonders God does for us all. [Response]