Thy Blessing Fills Our Earthly Need

Thy blessing fills our earthly need,
Thy blessing is Thy people’s meed,
The blessing fro Thy hands, O Lord,
Is wine upon Thy festal board.

The blessing which God’s prose bore,
Was given Abraham of yore,
But not until the Savior’s birth,
Its fulness was revealed on earth.

The blessing now, like dew and rain,
Doth fall on ev’ry land and main,
And to the church of Christ is sent
Through our baptismal covenant.

The blessing to His church on earth
Gives at the font to man new birth
And through the bread and cup imparts
The life of Jesus tot our hearts.

For blessings manifold give praise,
To heaven thankful voices raise!
God’s blessing then for evermore
Shall on His church like showers pour.