Thy Ceaseless Unexhausted Love

Thy ceaseless, unexhausted love,
unmerited and free,
delights our evil to remove,
and help our misery.

Thou waitest to be gracious still;
thou dost with sinners bear,
that, saved, we may thy goodness feel,
and all thy grace declare.

Thy goodness and thy truth to me,
to ev’ry soul abound,
a vast, unfathomable sea,
where all our thoughts are drowned.

Its streams the whole creation reach,
so plenteous is the store,
enough for all, enough for each,
enough for evermore.

Faithful, O Lord, thy mercies are,
a rock that cannot move;
a thousand promises declare
thy constancy of love.

Throughout the universe it reigns,
unalterably sure;
and while the truth of God remains
the goodness must endure.