Thy Constant Blessing Lord Bestow

Thy constant blessing, Lord, bestow,
To cheer my drooping heart;
To me, according to thy word,
Thy saving health impart.

So shall I, when my foes upbraid,
This ready answer make;
“In God I trust, who never will
“His faithful promise break.”

Then let not quite the word of truth
Be from my mouth remov’d;
Since still my ground of steadfast hope
Thy just decrees have prov’d.

So I to keep thy righteous laws
Will all my study bend;
From age to age my time to come
In their observance spend.

Ere long I trust to walk at large,
From all incumbrance free;
Since I resolve to make my life
With thy commands agree.

Thy laws shall be my constant talk;
And princes shall attend,
Whilst I the justice of thy ways
With confidence defend.

My longing heart and ravish’d soul
Shall both o’er flow with joy,
When in thy lov’d commandments I
My happy hours employ.

Then will I do thy just decrees
Lift up my willing hands;
My care and business then shall be
To study thy commands.