Thy Cross O Jesus Thou Didst Bear

Thy cross, O Jesus, Thou didst bear,
And yield Thyself an off’ring
To save a sinful world which e’er
With scorn beholds Thy suff’ring,
O wondrous love
From heav’n above,
To bleed for thine accusers!

Thy cross, Redeemer, Thou didst bear,
When all had Thee forsaken;
My sins and guilt Thou borest there,
Thy love hath me o’ertaken!
Thou callest me
To come to Thee
And be Thy child forever.

Thy cross, O Saviour, Thou didst bear;
Thy boundless might and glory,
Forever praised by angels fair,
And told in sacred story.
Thou didst resign,
O love divine
That conquereth in dying!

Thy cross to victory Thou didst bear.
O grant that I, dear Saviour,
May glory in the cross and share
The heavenly joy and favor!
Then shall my soul
Have reached its goal,
Safe in Thy loving bosom.