Thy Daily Mercies O My God

Thy daily mercies, oh my God,
My waking thoughts employ;
And while I meditate on thee,
My heart is filled with joy.

Thou giv’st me rest upon my bed,
Soft slumbers to my eyes,
Thy goodness is again renewed,
When in the morn I rise.

Throughout the business of the day,
Thine arm doth me uphold;
Amidst the terrors of the night,
Thy presence makes me bold.

Whether in sickness or in health,
Thy grace doth me sustain;
Let me, oh Lord, thy favor have,
And I shall ne’er complain.

Aided by thee, I need not fear
The powers of rich or gerat;
Their pomp and wealth I covet not,
Nor envy all their state.

Although the fig tree blossom not,
Nor vineyard yield increase,
In thee, my Saviour, and my God,
to joy I will not cease.

Although the world by storms be tossed,
And crumble into dust;
Yet still in thee, my only hope,
I will securely trust.

Hymns and Spiritual Songs for the use of Christians,