Thy Gentleness O Gracious Word

“Thy gentleness!” O gracious word!
It binds me to my blessed Lord;
Where’er He leads me I will go-
His gentleness doth help me so!
He teaches me and makes me strong,
He helps me in the war with wrong;
He shields my soul from wicked hate!
His gentleness hath made me great!

Oh, why should God thus condescend
To treat a mortal as a friend?
And why should He with loving care
My daily portion so prepare?
I only know that every hour
I trust His mercy and His pow’r!
And while from Him the wicked flee
He shows His gentleness to me.

My God, I thank Thee for Thy love,
Whose daily ministry I prove;
I thank Thee for my friends and home,
And all the joys that from them come;
I thank Thee for the wondrous grace
That gives my soul a hiding place;
Thy countless mercies I confess,
And bless Thee for Thy gentleness.