Thy Gospel Dear Lamb Is Spirit And Life

Thy Gospel, dear Lamb,
Is Spirit and Life,
Deliv’ring from Shame,
The Bride, thy lov’d Wife;
Once lost, yet thy Blood hath
Restor’d us again;
God’s Weakness, the word saith,
Is stronger than Men.

Thy Mysteries seem
Confusion to speak;
And in Man’s Esteem
Thy Gospel is weak;
But mighty thro’ Blood, ’twill
Deliver us when
Thy Weakness of God still
Is stronger than Men.

Thy Instruments are
But low in Degree;
‘Tis always their Care
To glorify Thee;
Through Blood they are holy,
Whilst none shall condemn:
God’s Weakness most truly
Is stronger than Men.

Tho’ rich, thou wast poor,
Tho’ high, thou wast low;
Thou empt’edst thy Store
Salvation to shew:
Thine infinite Blood, it
Deliver’d us then;
The Weakness of God it
Was stronger than Men.

All hail, thou dear Man,
The Weakness of God,
Thy Torment and Pain,
Thy Wounds, and thy Blood,
Declare thy Salvation:
We’ll praise it again,
The Weakness of God, it
Is stronger than Men.