Thy Hand That Once Was Pierced For Me

Thy hand, that once was pierced for me,
Is now outstretched in friendship’s plea;
My heart responds, O Saviour mine,
Henceforth I walk my hand in Thine.
Jesus, my friend.

O what a friend!
O what a friend!
O what a friend is Jesus!
Henceforth I’ll walk my hand in Thine
Jesus, my friend.

I turn from wand’ring far afield,
And to thy loving guidance yield;
No more in dang’rous paths I stray,
But walk with Thee, Thy blessed way.
Jesus, my friend. [Refrain]

No more, with gently knocking hand,
Without the portal shalt Thou stand;
My heart’s closed door I open wide,
Come Thou within and there abide.
Jesus, my friend. [Refrain]