Thy Kingdom Come And Shall Not Each One

Thy kingdom come! and shall not each one sing it,
On land and sea, where’er His banner goes?
Thy kingdom come! shall we not strive to bring it,
The grace that saves the world from human woes?

Thy kingdom come! the glorious triumph hasten,
When peoples all shall crown Him King of kings;
Saints shall rejoice, and angels stop to listen,
While earth His everlasting glory sings.

Thy kingdom come! O haste to tell the message,
The world is dying for the word of God;
Send out the light,that Christ may see the fruitage,
The world redeemed that His own feet have trod. [Refrain]

Thy kingdom come! He waits to bless the nations,
‘Tis ours to bring them quickly to His feet;
Make this the time to trample sin’s foundations,
And lead the erring to the mercy-seat. [Refrain]

Coronation Hymns,