Thy Law Is Perfect Lord Of Light

Thy law is perfect, Lord of light!
Thy testimonies sure,
The statutes of Thy realm are right,
And thy commandments pure.

Holy, inviolate Thy fear,
Enduring as Thy throne:
Thy judgments, chastening or severe,
Justice and truth alone:–

More prized than gold,–than gold whose waste
Refining fire expels;
Sweeter than honey to my taste,
Than honey from the cells.

Let these, O God! my soul convert;
And make Thy servant wise;
Let these be gladness to my heart,
The day-spring to mine eyes.

By these may I be warn’d betimes;
Who knows the guilt within?
Lord, save me from presumptuous crimes,
Cleanse me from secret sin!

So may the words my lips express,
The thoughts that throng my mind,
O Lord, my strength and righteousness!
With Thee acceptance find.

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