Thy Little Ones O Savior Dear

Thy little ones, O Savior dear,
To Thee in Bethlehem draw near;
Enlighten Thou our soul and mind
That we the way to Thee may find.

We hasten Thee with songs to greet
And kiss the dust before Thy feet.
O sacred hour, O blessed night!
When Thou wert born, our soul’s Delight.

Be welcome from Thy heav’nly spheres
To this our earthly vale of tears,
Where men to Thee no glory gave
But stable, manger, cross and grave.

O Jesus dear, how can it be
That only few will think of Thee
And of that great and wondrous love
Which drew Thee to us from above.

Lord, draw Thy little children near
To Thee, our Friend and Brother dear,
That each of us, by Thy sweet grace,
May Thee in faith and hope embrace.

Let not the world lead us astray,
That we our Christian faith betray,
But grant that all our longings be,
O Lord, forever unto Thee.

Then shall at last we,too, proclaim
In Paradise Thy glorious name,
And with Thy saints our songs renew
And praise Thee as the angels do.

Now, gathered here, a happy throng,
We lift our voice to Thee in song;
Oh, that in yonder, happy land
We all before Thy throne may stand.