Thy Loving Kindness Lord I Sing

Thy loving-kindness, Lord, I sing,
Of grace and life the sacred spring;-
In blood o’erflowing, rich and free,
In loving-kindness shed for me.

I to Thy mercy seat repair,
And find Thy loving-kindness there;
And when to Thy sweet Word I go,
Thy loving-kindness there I know.

Each evening from the world apart,
Thy loving-kindness cheers my heart;
And when the day salutes my eyes,
Thy loving-kindness doth arise.

Lord, from the moment of my birth,
I’ve nothing known but love on earth;
By day, by night, where’er I be,
Thy loving-kindness follows me.

From daily sin and daily woe,
Thy loving-kindness saves me now;
And I will praise, for sins forgiv’n,
Thy loving-kindness, all, in heav’n.