To God Be Endless Praise Addressed

To GOD be endless Praise addressed,
Because his Mercies ne’er decay;
That he hath us with Favour blessed,
Let thankful Isr’el ever say:
And for the Love he’s still extedning,
Let Aaron’s House their Joy express;
His Truth and Goodness never ending.
Let all who fear the LORD confess.

My Soul to GOD her Pray’r addressed,
Who graciously vouchsaf’d to hear;
Since he relieves me, when oppressed,
Why should I any Mortal fear?
My Foes, no doubt, shall be disgraced,
Since GOD declares himself my Friend;
Our Hopes should all in him be placed,
And not on human Pow’r depend.

Though many Nations, close combined,
Did oftentimes beset me round;
Yet I my Cause to him resigned,
Who did their boasted Strength confound.
They swarm’d like Bees, and me defied,
Their Rage was like a short-liv’d Blaze;
For, whilst on GOD I still relied,
I overcame them all with Ease.

When they their utmost Force exerted,
In hopes to see my sudden Fall;
The LORD, who never me deserted,
In Mercy sav’d me from them all.
That I’ve escap’d from Tribulation,
To him alone the Praise belongs;
He is my Strength, and my Salvation;
He is the Theme of all my Songs.

The Just, with Joy, are ever praising
The LORD, who saves their souls from Harm;
For wond’rous Things and Works amazing,
Are done by his Almighty Arm.
His strong Right Hand he hath extended,
And never-fading Honours won;
His strong Right Hand hath us defended,
And most surprizing Wonders done.

Though Death draws nigh, my Soul dismaying,
Yet GOD shall still prolong my Days;
That I his mighty Works displaying,
May thus advance his glorious Praise.
When GOD, with heavy Hand correcting,
My Soul of all her Joy bereaves;
Ev’n then, his Mercy me protecting,
From Death my fainting Life retrieves.

Then let the Gates be wide extended,
The Gates, to which the Just repair,
That I, whom GOD hath thus defended,
May praise my great Deliv’rer there.
With Footsteps to those Gates directed,
To which in Crouds the Righteous press,
Since thou hast heard, and me protected,
Thy holy Name, O LORD, I’ll bless.

That which the Builders once despised,
Is now become the Corner-Stone;
This Wonder, LORD, thou hast devised,
This wond’rous Work is thine alone!
This Day is GOD’s, let Songs ascending
To Heav’n, be sent from ev’ry Voice:
LORD, be thy Arm our Cause defending,
And make us still in thee rejoice.

Who trusts in GOD, to be supported,
Ev’n him let all th’ Assembly bless;
We, who have to his House resorted,
Do freely wish you good Success.
GOD is the LORD, in whose Salvation,
We all both Light and Comfort find;
Fast to the Horns, with Adoration,
The Altar’s Horns, the Victim bind.

Thou art my GOD, and I with Pleasure,
Will ever praise thy holy Name;
Thou art my GOD, my soul’s great Treasure,
Therefore I’ll celebrate thy Fame!
Oh, to the LORD be Praise addressed,
Who doth so kind and gracious prove;
For us, his People, he hath blessed,
And crown’d with never ending Love.