To God Be Honor Laud And Praise

To God be honor, laud and praise
For all His wondrous works and ways,
For ev’ry blessing granted.
Let joyful hallelujahs rise
To Him who rules the starry skies
And tuneful psalms be chanted.
Loudly sing ye,
Mortals lowly, God is holy!
Righteous call Him,
And as Lord of hosts extol Him!

Sing hallelujahs, too, with might
And praise the Lamb of God aright,
In whom the Father chose us;
Who bought us with His holy blood,
Baptized us in this sacred flood
And as His loved ones knows us.
Gracious, precious
Is this union and communion,
Blest forever;
Naught can wrest us from our Savior.

With hallelujahs all our days
We also sing the Spirit’s praise,
Who newborn creatures makes us;
Who, decking us in faith’s array,
Appoints for us a marriage day
And to the Bridegroom takes us.
Glory shout ye!
Here are treasures, here are pleasures,
Here is manna,
Here is joyful, sweet hosanna!

Thrice hallelujah let us sing
And to our God our tributes bring,
Whose name is great and glorious.
In one accord with heaven’s throng
Let us repeat our joyful song
To Him Who rules victorious.
Say then Amen,
We are lowly, God is holy!
Praise be given
To our triune God in heaven!