To God Be The Glory A Savior Is Mine

To God be the glory, a Saviour is mine,
Whose power is almighty, whose grace is divine;
My heart he hath cleansed, he is dwelling within,
So wondrously saving from sinning and sin.

O wonder of wonders, to God be the praise,
I joy in his will, I delight in his ways!
And through every conflict, without and within,
He saves me and keeps me from sinning and sin.

No longer in bondage, my freedom I’ll use
My Master to serve in the way he shall choose;
To work or to witness, to go or remain,
His smile of approval my infinite gain.

Earth’s pleasures and treasures no longer allure,
My spirit aspires to the things which endure;
To walk with my Saviour in garments of white,
My highest ambition, my constant delight.

The world overcoming by limitless grace,
I worship the Lord in the light of his face;
So with him communing, like him I shall grow,
And life everlasting enjoy here below.