To God I Cried Who To My Help

To God I cry’d who to my Help
did graciously repair;
In Trouble’s dismal Day I sought
my God with humble Pray’r.
All Night my fest’ring Wound did run;
no Med’cine gave Relief;
My soul no Comfort would admit,
my Soul indulg’d her Grief.

I thought on God, and Favours pass’d;
but that increas’d my Pain:
I found my Spirit more oppress’d,
the more i did complain.
Thro’ ev’ry Watch of tedious Night
Thou keep’st my Eyes awake;
My Grief is swell’d to that Excess,
I sigh, but cannot speak.

I call’d to mind the Days of old,
with signal Mercy crown’d;
Those famous Years of antient Times.
for Miracles renoewn’d.
By Night I recollect my Songs,
on former Triumphs made;
Then search, consult, and ask my Heart,
Where’s now that wond’rous Aid?

Has God for ever cast us off?
withdrawn His Favour quite?
Are both His Mercy and his Truth
retir’d to endless Night?
Can his long-practis’d Love forget
its wonted Aids to bring?
Has He in Wrath shut up and seal’d
His Mercy’s healing Spring?

I said, My Weakness hints these Fears;
but I’ll my Fears disband;
I’ll yet remember the most High,
and Years of His Right-hand.
I’ll call to mind his Works of old
the Wonders of His Might;
On them my Heart shall meditate,
my Tongue shall them recite.

Safe lodg’d from human Search on high,
O God, thy Councils are!
Who is so great a God as ours?
who can with Him compare?
Long since a God of Wonders Thee
thy rescu’d People found;
Long since hast Thou thy chosen Seed
with strong Deliv’rance crown’d.

When Thee, O God, the Waters saw,
the righted Billows shrunk;
The troubled Depths themselves for Fear
beneath their Channels sunk.
The Clouds pour’d down, while rending Skies
did with their Noise conspire;
Thy Arrows all abroad were snet,
wing’d with avenging Fire.

Heav’n with thy Thunder’s Voice was torn,
whilst all the lower World
With Lightning blaz’d, Earth shook & seem’d
from her Foundations hurl’d.
Thro’ rolling Streams Thou find’st thy Way
thy Paths in Waters lie;
Thy wond’rous Passage, where no Sight
thy Footsteps can descry.

Thou led’st thy People like a Flock
safe through the desart Land,
By Moses, their meek skilful Guide,
and Aaron’s sacred Hand.