To God I Lift My Heart And Voice

To GOD I lift my Heart and Voice,
In whom my Trust is placed;
Let not my Foes, O LORD, rejoice,
Nor let me be disgraced!
No Sorrows have surrounded
Those, who on thee for Aid depend;
But they shall be confounded,
Who daring wilfully offend.

Teach me, O LORD! thy Truth impart,
And grant me thy Direction;
For all Day long, with humble Heart,
I wait for thy Protection.
Guide me in ev’ry Station,
And lead me in the Way that’s just,
Thou GOD of my Salvation,
In thee alone I put my Trust.

Thy Mercies call to Mind once more,
With which I have been blessed;
And let thy Goodness, as before,
Be now to me expressed.
LORD! pardon each Transgression,
Committed in my heedless Youth;
Accept of my Confession,
And think of me, thou GOD of Truth.

The righteous GOD, his just Controul,
And wond’rous Love displayed,
In bringing back the wand’ring Soul,
That had from Virtue strayed:
In Justice, he will ever
Guide those who his Direction seek,
And from their sins deliver,
The humble-minded and the meek.

Part II

In ev’ry Precept GOD imparts,
Are Truth and Mercy shining;
To such as with religious Hearts,
Are to his Will inclining;
Tho’ I have much transgressed,
Yet let me not be put to Shame;
Since Mercy, ’tis confessed,
O LORD, doth most exalt thy Fame.

Whoe’er to God his Duty pays,
And him with Fear respecteth;
The LORD in all his righteous Ways,
With constant Care directeth:
His soul for ever blessed,
Shall rest in peace, nor know Disgrace;
His Wealth shall be possessed,
By his surviving num’rous Race.

To all his Saints The LORD imparts,
His secret Will and Pleasure;
And plants in their obedient Hearts,
His Precepts boundless Treasure.
My Cry to him increases,
That he may send his timely Aid:
And break the Snare in pieces.
Which for my heedless Feet is laid.

Turn thou, O LORD, and let my Grief,
In Mercy be redressed;
Patient I wait for thy Relief,
With many Woes oppressed;
The Sorrows are encreased,
That trouble my tormented Mind;
Oh! let me be released,
And from this State Deliv’rance find.

From all Affliction let me be,
O LORD, by thee defended;
And in thy Mercy set me free,
Tho’ I have much offended.
My Foes are daily growing,
And for my Ruin still engage;
Their Malice ever shewing,
In lawless Force, and boundless Rage.

From their fierce Anger set me free,
And let their Rage be tamed;
Since I have put my Trust in thee,
I shall not be ashamed.
On thee my Hope is placed,
LORD, perfect thou thy Servant’s Mind:
Let Israel, now disgraced,
O GOD, thy sure Deliv’rance find.