To God With Mournful Voice

To God with mournful voice
In deep distress I pray’d;
Made him the umpire of my cause,
My wrongs before him laid.

Thou didst my steps direct,
When my griev’d soul despair’d;
For. where I thought to walk secure,
they had their traps prepar’d.

I look’d but found no friend
To own me in distress;
All refuge fail’d, no ,an vouchsaf’d
His pity or redress.

To God at last I pray’d,
Thou, Lord, my refuge art;
My portion in the land of life,
Till life itself depart.

Reduc’d to greatest straits,
To thee I make my moan;
O save me from oppressive foes,
For me too pow’rful grown.

That I may praise thy name,
My soul from prison bring;
Whilst of thy kind regard for me,
Assembled saints shall sing.