To Jesus Christ Our Living Head

To Jesus Christ, our living head,
Be everlasting praise;
Who now is raised from the dead,
With power life and grace.

He suffer’d, died and rose again,
though Death and Hell oppose;
He shall forever live and reign
In spite of all his foes.

The force of men and devils join’d
With all their art and scheme:
They could not keep that Lord confind
Who quells land conquers them.

He bleeds no more upon the tree,
No more to shed his blood;
He needs no more for sinners be!
The bleeding Lamb of God.

Once for us all, he bled an ddied,
But was from death restor’d;
He rose that we be justified,
And Holy to the Lord.

O, cruel death, where is thy sting,
Where is thy pow’r O grave;
All glory to the Lord our King,
Who died, our souls to save.