To Jesus Our Captain To Jesus Our King

To Jesus our captain, to Jesus our King
To Jesus in glory, our praises we bring;
Our captain has conquered, come see in His train
The foes He has captured, the sins He has slain.

We too are His soldiers, we arm for the fight,
And wide waves our banner, our armor is bright;
We’ve breastplate and helmet, and broadsword and shield,
Our sins are the foemen, our lives are the field.

Our king sits triumphant, and close at His feet
Are thousands of children from alley and street;
From palace and cottage, from mountain and plain,
From earth passed to Heaven, they stand in His train.

The King in His glory, they see and adore,
The King in His beauty, His greatness and power;
The King in His mercy, compassion and love,
We see, and press forward to meet Him above.

Then let us adore Him and bow at His feet,
And give Him the glory and praise that is meet;
Let joyful hosannas unceasing arise
To swell the full chorus that gladdens the skies.