To Love Divine The Eternal Song

To love divine, the eternal song,
Shouted around Jehovah’s throne,
Attend ye saved, ye pardoned throng,
And make the rising notes your own.

‘Tis yours to sing the eternal date
Of love divine and how it moves
To helpless man; with triumph great,
sing loud, for God the song approves.

Hail Bethlehem! Hail the ruddy morn,
Whose rays adorn the infant God!
Messiah, of a virgin born,
A God! a man to die in blood.

For us salvation wide displays
Her ambient and refreshing wing;
Thy love, dear Savior, we will praise,
And all its peerless glories sing.

We’ll sing the garden and the tree,
Red with the blood that cries for peace;
Heaven echoes back as pleased in thee
To show its glories and its grace.

We’ll sing a note that high prevails,
Above the angels free from sin;
who cannot taste the love that heals,
Or sweets of conscience, thus made clean.

Thy love, O Jesus, is the theme,
The song of saints shall ever tell;
And through eternity proclaim
Thy victory over sin and hell.

The Hartford Selection of Hymns from the most approved authors,