To My Complaint O Lord My God

To my complaint, O Lord, my God,
Thy gracious ear incline;
Hear me, distress’d and destitute
Of all relief but thine.

Do thou, O God, preserve my soul,
That does thy name adore:
Thy servant keep, and him, whose trust
Relies on thee, restore.

To me, who daily thee invoke,
Thy mercy, Lord, extend;
Refresh thy servant’s soul, whose hopes
On thee alone depend.

Thou, Lord, art good; nor only good,
But prompt to pardon too:
Of plenteous mercy to all those
Who for thy mercy sue.

To my repeated humble pray’r,
O Lord, attentive be;
When troubled, I on thee will call,
For thou wilt answer me.

Among the gods there’s none like thee,
O Lord, alone divine!
To thee as much inferior they,
As are their works to thine.

Therefore their great Creator thee
The nations shall adore;
Their long misguided pray’rs and praise
To thy bless’d name restore.

All shall confess thee great, and great
The wonders thou hast done;
Confess thee God, thee God supreme,
Confess thee God alone.

Part II

Teach me, O Lord, thy sacred way,
That from thy truth I may not stray:
To me thy grace impart,
Unite my wand’ring heart
To fear, continually thy name:
Thy praise, my God, I will proclaim,
And with a soul sincere
Thee constantly revere.

Thy boundless mercy who can tell,
For thou hast sav’d my Soul from hell,
And when I call’d on thee,
Thy goodness set me free:
The sons of pride against me rise,
Not setting thee before their eyes;
And with a wicked strife,
Seek to destroy my life.

But thou didst thy assistance bring,
Of truth thou everlasting spring;
Thy patience and thy love,
Lord, thou shalt ne’er remove:
Turn thee, O God, some signal show,
And let all those who hate me, know,
That thou wilt pow’r extend,
Thy servants to defend.