To My Complaint Thine Ear Incline

To my Complaint thine Ear incline,
O GOD, for no Relief but thine,
Can free me from Distress;
And all my Wrongs redress:
Thy Servant keep, O LORD, for I
On thee alone for Help rely:
Do thou my Soul restore,
That does thy Name adore.

Comfort thy Servant; for to thee,
For Succour, LORD, I daily flee,
To me thy Love extend;
For I on thee depend:
Thy Goodness, LORD, from Day to Day,
To all Mankind thou dost display;
And thou wilt pardon too,
Those who for Mercy sue.

To my repeated humble Pray’r,
Bow down, O GOD, thy gracious Ear;
Do thou attentive be,
For still I call on thee;
Among the Gods none can display
Such Pow’r; as much inferior they,
As are their Works to thine,
O LORD, alone Divine!

The Nations therefore shall restore
Thy Praise, O LORD! thy Name adore,
And at the Footstool fall
Of him who made them all.
They shall confess thee GOD supreme,
Thy wond’rous Works shall be their Theme,
Shall see what thou hast done,
And own thee GOD alone.

Part II

Teach me, O LORD, thy sacred Way,
That from thy Truth I may not stray:
To me thy Grace impart,
Unite my wand’ring Heart
To fear, continually thy Name.
Thy Praise, my GOD, I will proclaim,
And with a Soul sincere
Thee constantly revere.

Thy boundless Mercy who can tell,
For thou hast sav’d my Soul from Hell,
And when I call’d on thee,
Thy Goodness set me free:
The Sons of Pride against me rise,
Not setting thee before their Eyes;
And with a wicked Strife,
Seek to destroy my Life.

But thou didst thy Assistance bring,
Of Truth thou everlasting Spring;
Thy Patience and thy Love,
LORD, thou shalt ne’er remove:
Turn thee, O GOD, some Signal show,
And let all those who hate me, know,
That thou wilt Pow’r extend,
Thy Servants to defend.