To My Just Plea And Sad Complaint Hopkin

To my just Plea and sad Complaint,
Attend, O righteous LORD!
And to my Pray’r, which is unfeign’d,
A gracious Ear afford.
As thou my Ways hast seen,
And I have upright been,
So let my righteous Sentence be;
For I resign my Cause to thee.

Thou, LORD, hast search’d my Heart by Day,
And visited by Night;
And on the strictest Trial found
Its secret Motions right;
Nor shalt thou only find
My Heart to Good inclin’d,
For I have purpos’d that my Tongue
Shall be restrain’d and speak no Wrong.

I know what wicked Men would do,
Their Safety to maintain;
But me thy just and mild Commands,
From bloody Paths restrain.
That from thy righteous Way
My Soul may never stray;
Do thou my Innocence secure,
And make my Footsteps ever sure.

Since heretofore I ne’er in vain
To Thee my Pray’r address’d,
O now, my GOD, incline thine Ear
To this my just Request.
The Wonders of thy Love
Let me, thy Servant prove,
Thou whose Right-hand doth oft engage,
To quell the bold Oppressor’s Rage.

Oh! keep me in thy tend’rest Care!
Thy shelt’ring Wing stretch out,
To guard me safe from savage Foes,
That compass me about.
Their wicked Tongues blaspheme,
O LORD! thy holy Name,
Enclos’d in their own Fat they lie,
And GOD, and Man, at once defy.
Well may they boast, for they have now
Encompass’d me around,
Their Eyes at watch, their Bodies bow’d
And couching on the Ground:
In Treach’ry they engage,
Or, like the Lion rage,
When greedy searching for his Prey,
He lurks within a Covert Way.

Arise, O LORD! defeat their Plots,
Their swelling Rage controul:
From wicked Men, who are thy Sword,
Deliver thou my Soul:
From Men who still employ
Their Thoughts in worldly Joy;
Who find their Portion’s here below,
And seek no higher Bliss to know.

Their Race is num’rous, that partake
Their Substance while they live;
Their Heirs survive, to whom they may
The vast Remainder give.
But in thy heav’nly Grace,
I’ll seek thy glorious Face,
And when I ‘wake, with Joy shall find,
Thy Image dwelling in my Mind.
reflected in my Soul.