To My Request And Earnest Cry Attend

To my request and earnest cry,
Attend, O gracious Lord;
Inspire my heart with heav’nly skill;
According to thy word.

Let my repeated pray’r at last
Before thy throne appear;
According to thy plighted word,
For my relief draw near.

Then shall my grateful lips return
The tribute of their praise,
When thou thy counsels hast reveal’d
And taught me thy just ways.

My tongue the praises of thy word
Shall thankfully resound,
Because thy promises are all
With truth and justice crown’d.

Let thy almighty arm appear,
And bring me timely aid;
For I the laws thou hast ordain’d
My heart’s free choice have made.

My soul has waited long to see
Thy saving grace restor’d;
Nor comfort knew, but what thy laws,
Thy heav’nly laws, afford.

Prolong my life, that I may sing
My great Restorer’s praise;
Whose justice, from the depths of woe,
My fainting soul shall raise.

Like some lost sheep I’ve stray’d, till I
Despair my way to find;
Thou, therefore, Lord, thy servant seek,
Who keeps thy laws in mind.