To My Soul Christ Came With Healing

To my soul Christ came with healing,
Bringing pace I never knew;
Wondrous truth to me revealing,
Others fail but He is true.

He is true, when shadows veil me,
He is true, when foes assail me,
He is true, tho’ others fail me,
He is true, yes, He is true.

When temptations overtake me,
And my friends are cold and few,
When I fall He’ll not forsake me,
Others fail but He is true. [Refrain]

When ’tis dark, what does it matter,
Tho’ the clouds obscure my view,
At His word my troubles scatter,
Others fail but He is true. [Refrain]

So I thank Him for salvation,
That can all my soul renew,
Binding me in close relation
To His heart, for He is true. [Refrain]