To Our Almighty Gracious God

I. To our Almighty gracious God,
New Honours be addressed,
Whose great Salvation shines abroad,
To make all Nations blessed’
He looks upon us in his Son,
Who brought from Heav’n Salvation down,
And Peace to Men proclaimed:

II. To Thee we come and humbly bow,
Great Lord of the Creation!
Whose boundless Empire ne’er will know
Or End or Variation.
Thy Pow’r is endless as thy Praise:
Thou speak’st; the Universe obeys.
On Thee depend all Creatures.

III. Blest Jesus, only Son of God
On Earth of Tragic Story;
Our Ransom is thy precious Blood;
Thy shameful Cross our Glory.
Sweet suff’ring Lamb, now King of Kings,
And Lord of all created Things,
Extend to us thy Mercy.

IV. O Holy Ghost! our Sov’reign Good,
And highest Consolation!
What Jesus ransom’d with his Blood,
Preserve Thou to Salvation
‘Tis Thou who bringst’ us unto Christ;
‘Tis Thou his precious Blood appliest.
In Thee we have Affiance.