To Our Savior We Are Clinging

To our Savior we are clinging,
While his praise our souls are singing;
Joy to us his love is bringing
More and more each day.

More and more,
More and more,
Sing the blessed story o’er and o’er;-
More and more,
More and more,
God will bless us more and more.

When our little cares distress us,
And our enemies oppress us,
He is always near to bless us
With his precious love. [Chorus]

He will shelter us and hide us
When life’s heavy storms betide us;
he will comfort us and guide us
Till all storms are o’er. [Chorus]

Ev’ry day of life we prove him;
None can ever be above him;
We will serve him, praise him, love him,
Through eternity. [Chorus]