To Pray And Nevermore To Cease

To pray and never more to cease,
Is what our case requires;
Our souls enjoy a constant peace
While we feel such desires.

By faithful pray’r we may draw near
To God, who bids us pray;
We need not doubt, we need not fear,
That we be turn’d away.

By pray’r we have an intercourse,
To God, who reigns above;
Our fervent pray’rs will have such force
To gain both faith and love.

Our wants before the Lord are laid,
We plead the Saviour’s blood;
Who pray’d for us, and when he pray’d,
His pray’rs were heart with God.

Tho’ all our wants to him are known,
And all our faults he sees;
But yet we must confess and own
Them, humbly on our knees.

This is what God requires of us,
Whilst we live here below,
To follow his directions thus:
As well as we can do.