To Reconcile The World God Gave His Son

To reconcile the world God gave His Son
To bear the sorrows of Gethsemane,
To feel the scourge and wear the crown of thorns,
And die upon the cross of Calvary.

O be ye reconciled, be ye reconciled,
Washed in the cleansing blood!
O be ye reconciled, be ye reconciled,
O be ye reconciled to God!

Ambassadors for Christ, we now proclaim
Salvation unto all who will believe;
Return to God! O be ye reconciled,
And by His death eternal life receive.

The gift that cometh from a vengeful heart,
Tho’ laid upon the altar, is in vain;
Go, seek thy brother-be at peace with him,
And glorify the King for sinners slain. [Refrain]

Rejoice that we are now the heirs of God,
Redeemed and reconciled by love and grace;
Sing praises! laud and bless His holy name,
Until we meet and praise Him face to face. [Refrain]