To Redeem Our Souls He Comes

To redeem our Souls he comes,
And our earthy Man assumes;
All his Image fully bears,
All his Curse, and Sin, and Fears,
Sunk to all his Hell;
Follow’d him where e’er he fell,
Careful still for to expose
Sin to all deserved Woes.

Thro’ his Side and pierced Heart;
Thro’ each nervous tender Part,
The awaken’d Sword of God,
Bath’d in Heav’n, in Sinners Blood.
O! the Mystery,
Thro’ his Body’s Agony,
The Battle enter’d to his Soul,
Floods of Wrath did o’er him roll.

Sweat, and Blood, and streaming Wounds,
Cover him, whilst dreadful Sounds
Rend the frighted Atmosphere,
Piercing ev’ry hearing Ear:
Most confused Noise!
Now we hear the Conq’ror’s Voice;
Then deep Groans and horrid Yell,
All the wild uproar of Hell.

See the Battle fiercer grow;
Blood in mighty Torrents flow;
Quakes the Earth, and rends the Rocks,
Nature fells tremendous Shocks,
Whilst the Sun, by Flight,
Speaks the near approach of Night;
Bury’ng all the Conq’rors Wrath
In the vanquish’d Rebels Death.