To Show How Humble Christians Ought To O

To shew how humble christians ought
Thus to each other be,
Christ with his own example taught,
As plainly we may see.

Though he was Lord and Master Great,
Who giveth all commands;
He wash’d his own disciples feet,
With his own blessed hands.

When thus their master with them del’t,
And prov’d his love to then;
How must their haughty hearts have felt,
To meet with such esteem.

May they who worldly honour seek,
Learn what it is to be–
Like Jesus, humble, truly meek,
From self-applauses free.

Such facts as these should have effect,
To bring the haughty low;
The proudest heart should feel a check,
And deeply humbled too.

Thus Peter’s mind was much impress’d,
He thought himself too mean;
But also felt himself distress’d,
To hear he was unclean.

Till thou art wash’d thou hast no part
In me, the Saviour said,
Then Peter cried with all my heart!
Wash thou my hands and head.

Did Jesus here by institute,
This, as an ordinance?
That christians e’er should execute
To his rememberence.

For many years it was practis’d,
Before our Saviour’s day:
Were the Apostles e’er baptiz’d?
In any other way.