To Sunny Fields And Shaded Nooks

To sunny fields and shaded hooks,
The flowers add their tinted faces;
The dusty roads and rippling brooks
The flowers fringe in dainty laces.
Thro’ storm and gale, thro’ sultry day;
The flowers wave or meekly stand;
On mountain side, by turbid bay,
Whate’er may be their God’s command,
The flowers lift their heads and say-

We life to show the hand that made us,
We know no evil shall await us,
We praise our great Creator’s glory,
We love to tell the wond’rous, wond’rous story.

In time of sunshine or of cloud,
Let children emulate the flower;
O’er duties hard and pleasures loud,
Let love of Jesus ever tower.
Thro’ storms of life, that time may bring;
Abide the wisdom of His will,
Rest ‘neath the shadow of His wing;
Your cup of joy shall know its fill,
When from experience you can sing. [Refrain]