To Tell The Joyful Story Oer

To tell the joyful story o’er,
And songs of gladness forth to pour,
And praise my Saviour more and more,
Be this my chief employ.

The story tell again,
The story tell again,
The old, old story, tell it once again,
And sing with joy the glad refrain.

To tell to those who know Him not,
With what great love hath Jesus sought,
To give salvation which He brought,
Be this my highest joy. [Refrain]

To sing so sweet that some might heed,
Who never knew the Lord indeed,
And they be brought to feel their need
No song so sweet as this. [Refrain]

To sweet His praises by and by,
With all the millions there on high;
And Jesus name to magnify,
Will be eternal bliss. [Refrain]