To Thank The Lord Our God

To thank the Lord our God it is
a good and comely thing,
and to thy name, O thou Most High,
due praise aloud to sing;
thy lovingkindness forth to show
when first appears the light,
and to declare thy faithfulness
with pleasure ev’ry night.

How great, Lord, are thy works;
each thought of thine, how deep it is!
A brutish mind this knoweth not:
fools understand not this.
No! through thy works, Lord, thou hast made
our souls right glad to be;
and in thy works we will triumph,
which have been wrought by thee.

Hosanna! Upright is the Lord:
he is a rock to me,
and he from all unrighteousness
is altogether free.
Lord, let thy grace and glory stand
on us thy servants thus;
conform the works we take in hand;
Lord, prosper them and us.