To That Dear Cross Where Jesus Died

To that dear cross where Jesus died,
And for my sins was crucified,
My heart is clinging evermore,
And shouting glory o’er and o’er.

O wondrous cross, where Jesus died,
Where Christ my Lord was crucified,
The debt is paid, my soul is free,
For on the cross He died for me.

And when I hear the story told,
The story that will ne’er grow old,
Within my heart there burns a flame,
And o’er and o’er I praise His name. [Refrain]

The cross of Jesus standeth fast
‘Mid tempests wild and stormy blast;
The pow’rs of hell it hath defied,
For Jesus there was crucified. [Refrain]

The story never can be told,
On earth, or in the heav’nly fold,
For as the ages roll along,
The cross shall be my theme and song. [Refrain]