To The Ark Away Or Perish

To the ark away, or perish:
Sinners, to the ark away;
Vain the hope, that thousands cherish,
Of deliverance in that day;
When destruction
Cometh, that no arm can stay.

Sinners, be advised, and haste ye
To the ark that open lies;
Why, O why, in folly waste ye
Precious time that quickly flies?
Soon your laughter
Will be turned to mournful cries.

Hear the Lord Himself invite you,
To His arms, a refuge sure;
O believe Him, lest He smite you
With a curse that none can cure;
When He thunders,
Who His anger can endure?

They are safe, and none beside them,
Who the Savior’s word obey;
They are safe, for He will hide them
In the dark and gloomy day;
He will hide them
Till the storm has passed away.

Then a bright and glorious season
Shall succeed, and never end;
Hear Him then, for there is reason:
Jesus is the sinner’s friend;
Safe His people,
Nothing shall His saints offend.