To The Cross Of Christ My Savior

To the cross of Christ, my Saviour,
I had brought my weary soul,
Burden’d, faint, and broken-hearted,
Praying, “Jesus, make me whole.”

Glory, glory be to Jesus,
I am counting all but dross,
I have found a full salvation,
I am resting at the cross;
I’m resting at the cross,
I’m resting at the cross,
I’m resting at the cross.

At the cross, while meekly bowing,
Jesus, smiling, bade me live;
“I have died for your transgressions,
And I freely all forgive.” [Refrain]

At the cross, while prostrate lying,
Jesus’ blood flow’d o’er my soul;
All my guilt and sin were covered,
And he whisper’d, “Child, be whole.” [Refrain]

At the cross I’m calmly resting,
Ev’ry moment now is sweet;
I am tasting of his glory,
I am resting at his feet. [Refrain]