To The Feet Of My Savior In Trembling An

To the feet of my Saviour in trembling and fear,
A penitent sinner I came;
He saw, and in mercy he bade me draw near;
All glory and praise to his name.

He touched me and thus made me whole;
Bringing comfort and rest to my soul;
O glad happy day, all my sins rolled away!
For He touched me and thus made me whole.

I knew not the tender compassion and love
That Jesus, my Saviour, had shown;
Tho’ burdened with grief, his dear hand brought relief,
He healed me and called me his own. [Refrain]

“My grace is sufficient,” I heard his dear voice,
“O come and find rest for your soul;
From sin you to save, my life freely I gave;
I died that you might be made whole.” [Refrain]

O Jesus, dear Jesus, Thy name I adore,
For saving and keeping my soul;
Thy praises I’ll sing, my Redeemer and King,
Thy dear, loving hand made me whole. [Refrain]

O come, my dear brother, he’s waiting for you,
Your sin-burdened heart to console;
Your weary head rest on his dear, loving breast;
He suffered and died for your soul. [Refrain]