To The Fountain Of Jesus Blood

To the fountain of Jesus’ blood,
My sin and need I brought,
By simple faith received from Him,
The cleansing I sought.

He cleanses, He cleanses, and fills my soul with light
He saves me, He saves me from sin and all its blight;
He cleanses, He cleasnses, and frees from chains that bound,
I’ll love Him, I’ll serve Him,
And make His praise resound.

‘Neath the shelter of precious blood
That flowed from Jesus’ side,
My conscience, freed from all its fears,
Can peacefully abide. [Chorus]

Of the power of the Saviour’s blood,
To blot out ev’ry stain,
My lips the tidings would fort tell,
and sing the glad refrain. [Chorus]

To the fountain of Jesus’ blood,
O come and life receive,
There’s cleansing in the sacred fount
For all who will believe. [Chorus]