To The Nations Our Master Hath Bidden Us

To the nations our Master hath bidden us go,
There to publish the tidings of peace,
Tell of Jesus the Saviour to mortals below,
And proclaim to the captives release.

I will go where’er He bids me to go,
To the nations or isles far away;
Ne’er a danger or worry my spirit shall know,
If my Saviour within me shall stay.

Will you heed Him, my brother, and speed with the call,
Till the lost ones shall enter His fold;
Lo! salvation is offered so freely to all,
Nor is purchased with silver or gold. [Refrain]

Far away o’er the ocean are lambs of His flock,
Who are waiting to hear His sweet voice;
At the door our redeemer doth patiently knock,
He would enter and make them rejoice. [Refrain]

Let us hasten to carry the message divine,
In all of its fullness and might,
Till our Christ in His kingdom and glory shall shine,
And shall banish all darkness with light. [Refrain]

Some are going in person across the blue wave,
Leaving kindred and loved ones so dear;
Will you give of your treasure the heathen to save
From their sinning, their anguish, and fear. [Refrain]