To The Promised Home In Glory

To the promised home in glory,
To that land of blissful rest,
My Redeemer’s gone before me,
To prepare a mansion, blest.

Yes, there is rest over Jordan’s waters,
Rest for such as from sin are free;
Rest for all who come to Jesus-
Rest for you and me.

He is fitting up that mansion,
Which eternally shall stand,
For my stay shall not be transient
In that holy, happy land. [Refrain]

Pain nor sickness ne’er shall enter,
Grief nor woe my lot shall share,
But in that celestial centre,
I a crown of life shall wear. [Refrain]

Death itself shall then be vanquished,
And his string shall be withdrawn,
Shout for gladness, O ye ransomed,
Hail with joy the rising morn. [Refrain]

Sing, O sing, ye heirs of glory,
Shout your triumph as you go;
Zion’s gate will open for you,
You shall find an entrance through. [Refrain]