To The Rescue To The Rescue Souls Are Dr

To the rescue! to the rescue!
Souls are drifting with the tide;
Onward tow’rd the rocks before them
With the currents swift they glide.

Farther and farther away!
Farther and farther away!
With the current drifting by,
To the rescue quickly fly,
God will help us if we try,
Help to save some one to-day.

Who will tell of this salvation,
Blessed lifeboat close at hand,
Ere their bark are wreck’d and scatter’d
Far and near upon the strand? [Refrain]

Some are conscious of their danger
And for succor loudly cry;
Cut the shore-lines, hasten to them
Ere in sin they sink and die. [Refrain]

Human wrecks are all about us,
Victims of the tempter’s pow’r;
O the joy beyond all telling
Could we rescue one this hour! [Refrain]